Support and Training


A dedicated team will be available in case of aptus360° being hosted as on cloud, to resolve issues promptly post go-live. For any additional support, contact us at or call us at
+91 (120) 4726 100.

For on premise deployment, the dedicated team will be available for a pre-defined period, as agreed upon with the customer.

During the support period, Path team will do various activities viz.

  • Resolve any issues faced by the customer
  • Installation of patches
  • Master data setup
  • Trainings
  • Hand-holding of users


In order to ensure that you and your team are well versed with the functionality of aptus360° and are able to exploit the full potential of the solution, Path would conduct a series of trainings for you.

Some[1] one of these trainings are:

Usage of Application

To HR team on basis of train-the-trainer approach.

Functional Administration Activities

HR team would be trained for Admin related activities

Technical Administration Activities

IT person would be trained on application setup, Integration & regular activities to be done

Support Activities

Various SOPs and FAQ to resolve support calls will be explained

[1] Specifics of the support and training will differ from business to business and will be
customized basis the subscription plan chosen by the customer