360° feedback enables the organization to conduct the appraisal or performance assessment of an employee through feedback received from the employee’s immediate work circle, i.e. feedback from all those who observe or are directly affected by the performance of the employee.

This would include:

This process is most suitable for the middle and senior level management personnel, who regularly deal with people within/outside the organization. Complexity of their roles makes it difficult for the organization to comprehensively assess their performance. 360° feedback facilitates in generating sufficient data from all stakeholders for a meaningful assessment of the respective employees.

The feedback, thus collected can be used by the organization to plan appraisals, performance improvement, and trainings for the development of the employees.


  • Easy navigation with impressive user-interface
  • Application level Configuration
    • Definition of review period
      • For all or
      • Specific group of people (grade, location, division-wise, etc.)
    • Appraise and respondent mapping
    • Define sub-admin(with limited access) to track & follow the progress
    • Grade and Questionnaire mapping
    • Questions and Category mapping
    • Provision of Negative questions
  • Feedback process is quick and questionnaire based.
  • Offline capability of giving feedback in well formatted Excel
  • Result may be translated to
    • Final consolidated rating.
    • Final Rating at question’s category level.
    • Evaluation of responsibilities or behavior of employees to their customers, peers, sub-ordinates, etc.